Aquacultured Hawaiian Gracilaria Parvispora (Red OGO)

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Originally imported from the big island of Hawaii and now grown in our high density aquaculture tanks. You can depend on us to produce and supply your order year round and help keep your herbivorous critters happy!

This highly nutritious algae is excellent for feeding all varieties of grazing fish and invertebrates. It is a natural food source found in the ocean; only ours is farm raised thereby eliminating the fear of introducing “wild bugs” into your aquarium.

Ogo Gracilaria can also be used as a nutrient exporter. In other words, you can use it in your aquarium or aquarium sump/refugium to help eliminate excessive nutrient buildup in your aquarium water. Then you can feed off the excess to all your grazers, as it grows in your sump, completing the circle of life! 


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Aquacultured Hawaiian Gracilaria Parvispora (Red OGO)
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