Live Brine Shrimp

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Each box 1 pound of live brine shrimp.  We measure our shrimp after they have been drained of water, and then pack them in one gallon of salt water.  Each box weighs approximately 10 pounds.

Our live brine shrimp are tank cultured in filtered salt water.  they are fed an enriched diet to provide you and/or your customers with excellent quality live fish food.  They are warm water shrimp and therefore do not require any refrigeration.

We ship year round on Mondays for Tuesday arrival.  Please place your order with us before 4pm on the Friday prior to the week when you wish to recieve them.


1 lb. = 96 Teaspoons = Approx. 125,000 Shrimp


Our Live Premium Quality Saltwater Brine Shrimp come with a Live Delivery Guarantee!  


Found them for less? Let us know and we will see if we can price ours for less.



Prices DO NOT include shipping, as shipping price varies by location.  

Contact Us with your zip code and phone number, and we will reply with a shipping quote as soon as possible.

Live Brine Shrimp
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